CNN+ 10,000 Viewers a Day... Greg Gutfeld

Thread 4…alrighty then!

Outstanding. Rub their noses in it. Force them to bathe in humiliation. They deserve every bit.

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Maybe we should have daily threads on this … you know like PSCOTT and Trump.

This is a fresh news story and will be forgotten in a few days, butt hurt lefties are still whining daily about an election from 2020. They are just unhappy and bitter, plus they can’t say anything positive about Creepy Uncle Joe so they have to distract from his many lies and failures.

Did you mean to post this here?


Alrighty then.

Next thread on CNN+ that pops up, I’m going to talk about my son’s interview with Sky West on monday. It’s just as relevant as bringing up Creepy Uncle Joe.

My response was to Butler that posted… Maybe we should have daily threads on this …
you know like PSCOTT and Trump.

You lefties are whining about a few threads about a news story that happened this week, but you guys have started thousands of threads about an election that happened in 2020. Like I said, lefties are unhappy and bitter.

I just thought the thread was about CNN+ but if Al Gore can’t control the internet, who am I to try? I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Good for him! Did he just recently get his 1500 hrs & ATP?

He went to a Part 141 school (university of north dakota) for all of his ratings so he qualifies for his ATP at 1000 hours which he currently has. Best part is Sky West will pay for his ATP certificate if/when they hire him. Other best part is he’ll likely be based in Denver, I’ll go out ever other month to mtb and ski.

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Sounds like he likes the cold weather. Was he able to keep getting hours throughout the winter in ND?

Grounded for the last 3 weeks which is odd for this late but he’s not afraid of the cold or flying in crosswind. Embry Riddle in Florida is a fine school but it’s well known that UND grads are rockstars landing in 30kt crosswinds. Riddle grounds their students in winds like that.

Wow what a bunch of pussies. But I can see that…if their students are never exposed to it, they’d understandably be nervous.

Agreed flying in tough weather builds character & experience.

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