CMV Virus

I never heard of the cmv virus until I heard Ann Nyberg talk about it on the radio a few days ago. So I would like to share this information.

Did anyone else ever hear of this disease?

I had not.

Yes I don’t support testing

I lean on the ban on testing rather than a mandate

I have heard of it due to the fact that when I gave blood my blood type was listed as A+ CMV-. I haven’t given blood for for a few years now, but I hope to start doing so regularly again in the future.

When I saw that listed on my blood type I researched it & I’ve read that over 70% of the population (not sure if that’s true your article lists over half) have the virus. Having CMV- blood means they can use your blood for babies & people who are immuno-compromised (sp?) like cancer & leukemia patients.
I didn’t know babies can be born with the virus & also did not know that the virus can cause severe complications. Give me a better reason to start giving blood again.

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I thought I had an account here when you guys changed over from the Clark shutdown, but I guess not so this is my first post. Hi all.