CMA Awards

I am watching the CMT Awards, mainly to see the Jimmy Buffet tribute.
A significant number of the acts are having singing issues. Like almost sounds like karaoke.
But not all, Chris Stapleton sounded good, Alan Jackson, Kelsi Ballerini, and Laney Wilson all sounded good.
Just kind of weird.

Does anyone in modern country music sound good at all, other than Stapleton?

I mean of those who actually get radio play.

Laney, Kelsey, and Kasey Musgraves.

Tonya Tucker sounds amazing for her age.

Helps to work with Brandi Carlisle.

Nice to hear Tracy Chapman honored 34 years after that song first came out.

I mean, she did win a Grammy the first time around.

I didn’t remember that. New version isn’t quite as good as hers, but he did it well and a new generation gets to hear it.

The reason you don’t remember is because there are morons in the media that want to fuel a divide.

This article is a perfect example;

Anyone that brings race into the conversation is a 100% dipshit and needs to be throat punched.
The article doesn’t even mention that she won a grammy. Piss poor journalism

It’s a great song and I like it, but if Chapman wasn’t a queer black woman this wouldn’t be a story.

Speaking of Stapleton, I want him to cover this as a country version.

I wrote a song last year (lyrics only; I don’t play an instrument) and a friend said she heard Stapleton’s voice with it. If only…

I have had the bones of a song rolling around in my head for year (a tribute to my Dad), but never put words to paper.

Get started. Might be great, might suck. Might be meaningful only to you or a few, but nothing wrong with that.

I worked with a songwriter consultant last year and got cheap (not quite demo quality) recordings of three of my songs. I have one or two others that are half decent, but didn’t have more $ to spend at the moment.

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