Chris Wallace & CNN+

I hear Elon Musk is going to make an offer to buy CNN+, $38 in cash and an autographed photo of himself. I suggest the board take it.

Sometimes you have to cut your losses. This sounds like quite a bargain.

Maybe for CNN. For Musk this would be one of the worst investments in his lifetime.

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Yes, he could have had a case of V8.

True, CNN is a shit brand I doubt anyone would want it.

I remember in 2000 during the Florida Chad debacle, we were tuned to CNN 24/7. How the mighty have fallen.

Then, we considered CNN a news source rather than a Propaganda source.

Also, recall Desert Storm in 1991 when Bernard Shaw was reporting from Baghdad and the Pentagon briefers would often refer to what CNN had reported.

This was before I was a conscious adult, but I have read that CNN’s coverage of Desert Storm massively benefitted both the DOD and CNN by bringing the war into people’s homes in real time. It very arguably reinvigorated America’s faith in its military after the anti-war sentiment of the Vietnam era and the cloudy malaise of the 1980s. It also established CNN as an indispensable source of media.

Like many successful institutions throughout history, CNN became comfortable on its laurels, failed to notice sea changes in the world, and is now a laughingstock as it attempts all sorts of silliness to stay relevant.

Some might even say the same of the DOD… :neutral_face:

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