Chicken Pot Pie surprise

I had been a little under the weather the past couple of days…I didn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking, so I bought a Banquet chicken pot pie “mega meal”. When I took the first bite, the saltiness was overwhelming. I like salt, but that bite was like pouring salt on a spoon and eating it. I looked at the box - Sodium - 1,390 grams.

Considering processed foods are already loaded with sodium, but you really can’t tell, I’d say they could use half the salt and actually have a tastier product. I put this on my “never buy again” list.

I have about 5 of them in my deep freeze for my son in case he is home and doesn’t want to cook anything or eat leftovers.
I haven’t had one in probably 5 years.

The older we get, the more we pay attention to the sodium content in food. As a result, we seldom have prepared food. We’ve stopped going to restaurants where we have noticed the taste of salt in everything. When we do buy prepared food, we always check the sodium content first.

That said, we do have a box of Marie Callender pot pies in the freezer for those times when hanker for one. They have 650 mg of sodium.

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When I was young and poor I always had Aldi chicken pot pies in the freezer, I think they cost like $.59 thirty years ago. I’d make 2 and put them in a bowl with a couple slices of American cheese and hot sauce, I was young and didn’t care about fat, calories or sodium. We don’t eat many frozen or prepared foods, it’s not that difficult to cook from scratch.

The thing is…this one could have used the same amount and been edible. This this was far too salty.

I really didn’t intend for this to be argumentative about how lazy I am for not cooking from scratch. I usually do. But the previous day I was puking my guts up and I didn’t feel like doing much yesterday so I bought one. I typically never look at the nutrition information either, but one bite of this as extremely salty, so out of curiosity, I looked for the sodium content. While there, I noticed that it ain’t a great choice in other areas as well.

If I remember right (and I could be wrong) Progresso soups are fairly decent health wise.

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I didn’t really care about health initially…I just wanted something quick and easy. I had bought Marie Callender pot pies and they were tasty. This one was on sale. American food processors have done a great job of loading stuff up with sodium without the consumer really noticing, but this thing was SALTY.

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