Check your auto insurance limits

SIL was recently in a wreck where a guy crossed the center line hit his truck in the rear wheel which turned him and it rolled 3 times in the road. The guy kept moving and hit the truck behind SIL head on. Long story short, 3 vehicles were totaled. The two pickups value was $150 k plus. The guy had $100 k liability coverage. Once that guys insurance pays out, the other two insurance companies will probably file suit against the guy to collect what they have to pay out.
Good time to check your coverage limits, I happen to do mine a few months back and increased it substantially.

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I think I have 100/300/100 for liability, plus a million dollar umbrella policy. It doesn’t cost much more but saves a potential big problem later.

I agree as we carry $500K with an umbrella. I also suggest that folks review their deductibles and raise them if they have cash on hand. We carry $1K on collision, which has saved us a bit on premiums.

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Do pickups cost $75k now ??


Neither was a basic pickup, tricked out ones can easily run more than $75k.

Good pro tip. I recently bought an umbrella policy with State Farm, they hold my auto policy too. They said I had to increase my liability to 300k to get the umbrella policy and I did.

@BMWMTBer - I did that a number of years ago with a different insurance company and also had to increase the liability on my auto insurance policy. I am assuming that is because the higher the liability is on your auto insurance policy the less likely you are to need to use the umbrella policy

They do that to protect themselves. Otherwise id have 25k as my max and let the umbrella cover anything over.

That’s almost considered a cheap one.

I noticed the other day when I was driving next to a 70’s era GMC pickup - it looked like a compact truck compared to today. Why did the get so big? A 2024 F150 has the same size bed as a 1975 F150

I think they look a lot bigger because they tend to sit a lot higher than the older ones. The grills on the new ones are much taller.

I have $500K limit. Even if you don’t destroy a couple F150’s, it only takes a week at the hospital to exceed half a million these days.

I have a coworker that his wife hit and killed a pedestrian last year. He had $250K coverage. It was raining and the lady literally ran across the street and right in front of her. The insurance paid out in full to the family. He is still nervous that they might try and come get more out of him.

New 4 door base models with just a few options are in the $55K-60K range. It is absolutely insane that a truck with vinyl seats and rubber floors will cost over $50K.

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