Has anybody played with this. I tried it and it’s freaky.

What is it post to do KC?

It’s artificial intelligence. YOu ask a question and it gives you a surprisingly detailed answer. Here is a screenshot from a chat where I asked how to change a flat on a bike

I saw a video about it and it’s like Google, except you get a single answer. The said it’s not a search engine though. But I was amazed at how detailed a response it gave me.

Speaking of.
I went on a short ride today.
My brakes are not engaging as well as I would like,
Is that an easy at home fix or should I take it in to a pro?

Wish I could help, but I just ride them, I don’t fix them. I have disc brakes on mine and the only adjustment I made on them was to remove the front wheel and reinstall it to make sure the pads were lined up properly around the rotor.

Interesting. It did miss a critical component to changing a tire. before you use the level you need to push the tire bead down into the drop center of the rim.

Is it free to use?


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