Can you get this right

I saw this in a book I am reading about big data and what it shows. A study was done on who was likely to repay a loan based on words that they used. Five of these words are used by people who are likely to repay a loan, and five are used by people who are unlikely to use them. I’ll post the answer later

Lower interest rate
Debt free
Thank you

would the person using those words be more or less likely to repay a loan?


Most likely to pay it back:

debt-free / after tax / graduate / lower interest rate / minimum payment

Most likely to NOT pay it back

God / will pay / hospital / promise / thank you

I got the god and hospital part right.

Promise and thank you I didn’t. Interesting.

Do they explain why?

ETA: Where does graduate fit? I thought most likely to pay back.

I tried to make it easier to read…they software automatically removes extra spaces. The book is called Everybody Lies and it goes into what people will say to another or a pollster compared to the most common searches on Google, and how this data is used. He didn’t cite the source, other than researchers, but it pointed out how searches of the words we use online reflect in trends. He basically said that the words like promise and will pay are good indicators that a person WON’T repay.

The one I found interesting was “minimum payment” as being one used by someone more likely to pay. The only way I can see that being true is someone prefacing it with “I always pay more than the minimum payment”

I always look at the minimum payment. THat is what I budget off of.


I look at minimum payment to pay off one month prior to zero interest running out.

My guesses:

Least likely: God, minimum payment, Hospital, Lower interest rate, Promise

More likely: Debt-free, Will Pay (not sure about this one), Graduate, Thank you, After tax

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