But I thought this was “misinformation “

Twitter literally blocked the NY Post account for reporting the truth.

We already knew it was true. They’re digitally signed.

Coverup anything to get Trump out of office.

Hunter Biden is way down towards the top (if not on the top) of my list of things I don’t give a shit about.

You don’t care what hunter is selling access to uncle bad touch ? Shocking.

In the days before the election, a sketchily sourced story comes out, that, if true, included hacked materials that violated Twitter policies. Twitter blocked it briefly, then backed off. The story itself was so questionable that one of the reporters refused to have his byline attached to it.

It was never questionable.

It was digitally signed and was verified a few hours after the release.

Yes, the two-tiered justice systems rolls on… “no reasonable prosecutor…”

The NY Times printed bull shit stories with zero sources all the time about Trump and never got their Twitter account locked.

Based on hacking?

Irrelevant, that isn’t why the Post account was blocked.

That’s literally the Twitter policy they violated.

There was no “hacking” involved.

It was abandoned property.

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