Burn it down

True dat. Before the pandemic the country was doing great and Trump was doing a good job, with the exception of the deficits I have no complaints. The stock market, unemployment, world affairs, the economy, etc were much better than his predecessor.

My only real complaints is that he should have spent more in roads, bridges, etc and not used twitter as much.

I agree. We need a infrastructure plan that’ll rebuild the country, but it should be done without government handouts to special groups, the contracts should go to the best contractors with the best price.

and using American supplies.

Budget deficits are unsustainable. Inflation is starting to tick up. After that monetary velocity will increase, and the inflation will be a self-feeding phenomenon. You can’t spend $3 for every $2 we collect in taxes and not have ill effects on the economy. We are digging our own grave. Nobody, including Trump, has the guts to axe spending.