Burger blast from the past

I had always made hamburgers by making nice neat patties and grilling them, but I wanted something a little different. I came across this on youtube and tried it. They are really amazing. It’s an Oklahoma onion burger. They were created in the 30’s and called “recession burgers” because onions were cheap and could make the meat go farther. It’s really easy to make and they taste really good. It may become my go to burger recipe. I just season with salt and pepper. I also cook them indoors in my cast iron pan. Anyhow… I had never heard of these and thought I’d share it. I make smaller patties and make a double.

I had something similar 20+ years ago in El Reno OK. As I recall, it was quite tasty.

I’ve not used this particular recipe, but we’ve mixed onions in many times. Adds a little flavor.

It’s very tasty. And it really does stretch the meat. I used 1/4 pound of meat and made two patties, then made a double cheeseburger (gotta melt the gooey cheese over it). And THAT was almost too much to eat.

I have done that too, but you flat out hide the pattys under all those onions. The onions kind of caramelize and give it a very unique (and good) flavor

The guy in the video was using a mandolin when slicing up the onions. He was not using the guard. Not a good idea. Don’t ask me how I know.

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I can guess. I sliced off the tip of the little finger. Happened pretty fast too. I still have a mandolin slicer, but I can assure you - I use the finger guard.

I didn’t use the guard while slicing potatoes. My hand slipped off the potatoe and into the blade Gauged out a peice of skin. Went to an Urgent care center to have a few stitches put in.

Mandolins can be really dangerous. Like this one:

A few years back my wife bought a chair from Home Goods and I went to pick it up, while waiting I was looking at the kitchen stuff and an employee asked me if I needed help, I asked her if if they had any mandolins, she thought for a second and said they don’t sell musical instruments. We looked at each other for 5 seconds and I said I meant one of those vegetable slicers. We looked at each other for another five seconds and both busted out laughing.

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