Buffalo Bills

I just heard they have over six feet of snow in Orchard Park, NY where the Buffalo Bills stadium is located. This has caused roofs to collapse, snow plow and emergency vehicles to be trapped, and deaths.

That’s because Ford Field is covered. We spoke with a friend in Kalamazoo this a.m. They have had more than a foot of snow and it was snowing hard then. A lot of roads are closed in the area.

The Bills also play the Lions in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. In 2014 they also moved a Bills game to Detroit due to snow. The Bills had also played the Lions in Detroit that year too.

The afternoon talk radio show was talking to someone in Buffalo about the snow and the game. He said that while it is certainly possible to PLAY the game there, since they would be able to clear the field, it would be impossible to WATCH the game because there is no way that they could clear the seats. I’d love to see a Super Bowl played there!

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I would settle for an AFC Championship Game against a warm-weather team.

Seriously, back when the Super Bowl was at Met Life Stadium I said that as long as the NFL is going to award the Super Bowl to neutral site locations in advance, they should not put it in a place where the weather can screw it up. That includes Miami, where it seems to rain half the time they have the game there.

Now. if they ever did award the Super Bowl to the team with the best record, I would be all for it. Of course, we know that will never happen.

So how do they handle Tickets?
Do Bills Fans get a 1 game refund?
Are Tickets on sale in Detroit?

I was wondering the same thing

Do fans lose their $$$ or are they forced to drive to Detroit or do Detroit fans buy tickets


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I kind of think the same way about earthquakes fires and tornadoes here

Though we did have an earthquake here in 2012 and we do get about one tornado a year here

Whoda thought there would be that level of demand for Browns/Bills Tickets in Detroit.

Why Detroit. I guess because it has a Dome!

Detroit fans finally get to see some football.

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Because they always play on Thanksgiving

Who would have thought the Bills and browns would be good football teams 5 years ago

I grew up in Upstate NY (Rochester) and am somewhat of a lake effect snow expert! I also attended Western Michigan Univ in Kalamazoo.

Yes, the “Zoo” does get lake effect snow from Lake Michigan to the West. The Detroit area, however, is a little too far from any large body of water that would be normally upwind for much lake effect snow. Lake effect snow is a very localized weather phenomenon. It all depends where the wind is coming from and how much vapor it picks up from the body of water.

One more example: Rochester gets lots of LE snow from Lake Ontario, especially when the wind is out of the NW. You might ask: Toronto? Not much LE as it’s on the wrong side of Lake Ontario!

You’re not saying you enjoy watching news coverage of earthquakes, fires, and tornados, are you? If so, that’s dark!

No I’m saying they don’t happen often here

I am affectionate about snow too but not natural disasters. Though chasing a tornado could be fun