Broncos finally put Nathaniel Hackett out of his misery

After the team’s performance yesterday, did they have a choice?

Not just the performance. He lost control. The defense gave up (hard to blame them; they got no help all season). Backup QB got into an argument with the OL, linebacker threw a punch after the game.

I was at the game, fun experience, but glad the season was already over. It was brutal.

The big question: how big a part of the problem is Wilson and can he be fixed? He looks fucking lost. If he’s the problem, it’s hard to see how they turn it around soon.

I said before that 2023 will be the year the Broncos figure out if Wilson can be salvaged or not. They can not cut him, since the cap hit would be way too big. If 2023 is anything like 2022, the Broncos will then seriously need to consider biting the bullet, cutting Wilson, taking the dead cap hitt, and going through salary cap purgatory to reset with a clean slate.

Probably. They’ll need a better OL, and I’m sure the biggest question in their coaching hire will be how to fix Russ. If they have to cut bait, it’s going to be a bad period. The fan base is impatient. They’ve been to 8 SBs and aren’t used to this many losing seasons in a row.

Who is going to take that job knowing the handicaps they have?

Good question. People keep tossing out Sean Payton’s name, but they’d have to trade for him as the Saints still have rights. And he’d have to have ego enough to think he can fix Wilson.

Somebody who thinks he can get Russell Wilson back to a pro-bowl level.

Some ideas: