Boot straps

Welfare should be temporary and repaid IMO.

I don’t think we should have welfare in the sense of what we have now. We should only have welfare for those who are unable to work. I have no issues supporting those who are disabled.

I think we need to have better unemployment. That way you get what you earn. Instead of the paltry system, we have now, match dollar for dollar but it is based on a credit system.

That would create the social net that the democrats want and make it an earned benefit that would satisfy the republicans.

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The problem is selfish assholes choosing to have a kid they know they can’t afford then expecting others to pay for the things the kid needs such as housing, food , medical care, day care, etc. That needs to stop.

You gotta like Archie and Edith. Meathead the hippee freeloader was cool too. He always seemed to have an answer but could never hold down a job

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