Blue Bloods

Did anyone else see last night’s episode of Blue Bloods? If so what did you think of it?

Thank You for the Reminder. YouTube TV saved it for us… will likely see it tonight.

BTW, since we seldom watch live TV, we are not looking at new arrivals. Are there any other shows that you would recommend for us to add to our record list.

We have been binging on the old Barnaby Jones series… all free on Youtube… good plots without a lot of shootem up. We are nearing the end… looking for a follow on… Cannon? Matlock, Hawaii 50, Magnum PI ? Something we would both like but old enough that we would not remember the plots.

Interestingly, most were on CBS… Paramount Plus may be an add-on.

I will now spoil every episode of Barnaby Jones for you. As you watch the opening credits, the person they call the “special guest star” is the bad guy.

Rockford Files and an occasional Streets of San Francisco.

JAG, the early years of NCIS, and the old reliable, gunsmoke.

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Thank You, though I really liked Maverick, Rockford was a time filler not a favorite. The Jim Garner’s Mavericks night be a good choice. There was a big difference between Garner and Jack Kelly et all.

And Streets was a favorite that I forgot about… excellent cast… and that reminds me of “Homicide Life on the Street”. Being from Baltimore it had a special appeal. We would recognine the locations.

BTW, I looked at a few of Mission Impossible! The ones with Barbra Bain were good… but that series in MHO has not aged well.

@PricePerformer Price Performer - There is a new police procedural drama called East New York which I haven’t seen yet but I plan to watch it tonight. It is on CBS at 9:00 PM on Sundays.

I don’t know if you like the original Perry Mason episodes but they are now on a new TV station called FETV

I saw it, and I think it was their best attempt to deal with issues today. I read an article recently that talked about how Blue Bloods has this challenge, since it has always had a positive message about the police and an overall upbeat tone.

I also think that Blue Bloods may be showing its age, but it still has some life left. I just hope they don’t let it run long after its time has passed.

As long as we are talking about Blue Bloods, one thing that I can not to this day accept as realistic is how Jamie and Eddie are allowed to work in the same precinct and where Jamie actually supervises his wife. In the real world anybody with an ounce of common sense would recognize that having two spouses working in the same precinct, with one spouse reporting to the other spouse, was asking for problems on so many levels it could not possibly be allowed. You would think that the couple alone would recognize this and if they did not somebody else higher-up would step-in and tell them that it was not happening. That the series has had them working together in that relationship strains its credibility, in my opinion.


I do not disagree… but as I see it there were 5 options.
None are desireable.

  1. Maintain the status quo… they are Police Partners not married. No Growth for Jamie who has a lot going for him.

  2. Get rid of Eddie… shot in the line of duty … whatever!!

  3. Transfer one of them to a different precinct… limited interaction… might as well drop her.

4 What we have now.

  1. Eddie leaves the Police Dept and the relationship is purely domestic.

Which would you have picked?
There have been many reasons that an Actor has been cut from a show… Apparently Eddie was well liked!!

Saw Blue Bloods last night!

It listed all the problems, a reminder of how bad it is.

  • Easy Release of Bad Guys
  • Failure to control the chaos on our streets
  • Selective Enforcement
  • The decline of the church overall… especially in our cities.

It hit all the bases but no solution… not that there are any,
I expected more from Frank when they encountered the Police Desk Sargent who just stood by with the chaos at his front door… but that is not reality… at least not today.

This episode is worth a second watch.

Actually Jamie and Eddie in the same station was the least of the issues covered.

Agreed, Garner was the much stronger role & carried the series. It was fun when the two appeared together, though. Check out “Shady Deal at Sunny Acres” episode.

Once Garner left & they tried to bring in more cousins & brothers to supplement Kelly, it was all over.

ABC also began alternating Maverick with other westerns in the same time slot (Cheyenne and Sugarfoot for two), until the assorted Mavericks (Garner, Kelly and Roger Moore) were dropped. I suspect that coincided with Garner getting prime movie roles.

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