Bidenomics: Inflation Rose 3.7% In September

Our agency quoted three other companies… all higher than the company we have now. Even if you find a lower rate my experience is that its not a lot lower and generally a teaser rate to get you signed up. The second year its right back to where it would have been if you didn’t change.

I changed from USAA to Openly for my homeowners and my homeowners went from $2300 to $1200

That is like asking if you getting punched in the 3 times is better than 8 times.


Here’s a better analogy, a company lost $8 billion last year and this year only loses 4 billion. Are you going to kiss the CEO’s ass like you are with Biden and tell him he’s doing a good job? Maybe the board can give him a huge bonus and get him a corporate jet because he cut the losses in half.

Says the wizard who’s had us in recession for a year or more running. Better listen up fools, this guy really knows his business.

Lol…at least he doesn’t think the worst economy in over 40 years is something to celebrate like you do.

We get it, you think it’s your responsibility to defend Biden’s many fuck ups and failures, but the data and facts show just how bad Bidenomics really is for the American people.

Of course you did. Contrasting a shitty situation with an extremely shitty situation enables you to praise that gasbag Biden guilt free.

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Biden is 80 fucking years old and been in DC as long as I have been alive.
He doesn’t need coddling, he needs an administration that understands how the economy works.

And, fyi, I did not coddle my kids, I gave them constructive criticism and praise when each was needed.


You used an analogy that applies to kids. Don’t bite KC’s head off for replying with the same analogy.

I really don’t think you can find any legit data to backup that ridiculous contention.

Bears, does your estimate of the total economic health of the economy only include the rate of inflation, which has steadily declined over the Biden years? Is the scope of your vision really that narrow? Sadly, I suspect it is. You’ve clearly demonstrated that your range is, and always has been somewhere short of A to B.

I drop in on the Clark, no politics forum on occasion. Both he, and to a certain extent, Jimtoo have declared recession months ago.

Inflation and interest rates effect 90% of the economy, so yeah they’re pretty important. Low unemployment is great as long as people can keep up with Bidenflation but unfortunately many aren’t. Savings rates are way down and credit card balances are way up, can you explain why you think those things are good?

There actually was a recession. The administration went full Orwell and tried to change the definition, but there was one.

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Which can only lead to personal bankruptcies.

Then it would be everyone and anyone’s fault except for Biden according to Geezer. The country has never been better.

Not saying that, but the I’ve found my fortunes grew a lot rapidly and steadily under Dem administrations than during the GOP ones. Yours probably did too, but I don’t expect you to ever admit it.

Since Joe took office your fortunes have grown? That would make you unique.