Best podcast app? (more words)

So…what’s the best podcast app?

I’d like something that works easily, lets me skip commercials, and works well between devices (phone, browser, iPad, car).

For reference, I had been using an old iPod classic long past when most people gave them up and iTunes as my podcast app. The iPod is a dinosaur and iTunes sucks.

I thought I’d just use Spotify, but they fail on a really basic thing: the app doesn’t hold your place if you step away and come back. Not just between devices, but even on the same device. That’s ridiculous.

I switched to Stitcher, but several of my podcasts won’t play on the browser version. At first, I thought it was just one as it happened on a local podcast. Maybe the guy just wasn’t using good technology. But I’m seeing the error below on at least 3 of my 24 podcasts. I tried switching browsers and got the same error.


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