Bad calls

So everybody is whining about poor officiating. And I can’t go for longer than 15 minutes without hearing ads for sports betting websites. Sports betting on the rise and officiating getting worse. Think that’s just a coincidence??

Don’t mistake whining for officiating actually getting worse.


Agreed, if anything it would make it less of a factor since it is now in the open.
Before it was underground.

Are you able to place bets online or do you have to cross the border?

I have to go across the State line. The app has a GPS to make sure. If I am right across the line in Kansas it sometimes bumps me off, I think it errs on the side of caution to not be in violation of other State laws.

Haven’t bet in long time. When I did, would place bets with someone who knew a Bookie.

Didn’t get too fancy with the bets. The betting would be to bet 110 dollars to win 100 dollars.

That is what I basically do.
I like to do “round robins”, I pick three bets and put my money on them.
My son thinks the prop bets are where it is at, I told him that is how Vegas was built.