AT&T stock

AT&T is down but with a 9% dividend… looks interesting.
Not looking for CapGains here but the 9% Dividend looks mighty tempting but being reduced.

Note:AT&T is spinning off Warner Commo and reducing the Dividend to $1.11, still 4,8% at current prices.

This puts the dividend above XOM and likely safer but with far less CapGain Potential.

Any ideas?

I don’t know anything about that but I do know last year 16,500 shares of AT&T stock paid almost $35,000 in dividends.

Lousy company that mismanages acquisitions and is woke.

The woke part isn’t a reason to buy or short a stock, like I said earlier we shouldn’t invest based on politics or feels. I’ve heard that att may reduce dividend so I’d be careful if that’s the goal.

Woke can impact the stock. If they become overly woke and lose their mission, the stock will drop.

Since not everyone at AT&T anymore, I expect their dividends to drop. I don’t think I have a single service by them anymore.

My point is dont watch fox news and buy and sell based on that. I have Disney which is very woke but i dont care. In spite of recent headwinds, i still believe in the stock.

Already announced dividend is being reduced from $2.08 to $1.11 after Warner spin off to ATT shareholders in Q2 (.24 shares Warner per 1 ATT held). Not known if Warner will have a dividend.

I’m iffy of their stock.I own Disney. Not sure If they can keep things going. They’ve done a a number on Star Wars and the new movies have been eh.

Some people call it wokeness. I just call it bad movies

Sorry, but I am not letting a company I own part of do evil in society. Wonder if a company you own blatantly discriminated against Blacks. Would you still want to own it?

Time-Warner- another bad one in a string of poorly managed acquisitions. Now it is being spun off. Why did they buy it in the first place?

AT&T is running off every business owner I know with their poor customer service. Wait forever to talk to a rep in India you cannot understand once they answer the phone.

Talked to a longtime Turner TV producer the other day. Says these shenanigans are to try to spread At&T’s enormous debt around. This guy is totally disgusted with AT&T as an employer and business.