Aside from some vaccinated individuals who remain at great risk from Covid,

the only remaining concern that I have, is the tremendous financial cost to the government, insurers, and every other place it trickles down to, including the taxpayers, that continues, unabated, due to those who have opted out of the shots.

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With Omnicron this may be out of the water.

But I 100% agree with you with measles, mumps, tetanus, pertussis, polio, etc

I think if a disease kills or severely impairs more than 1,000 people a year and it’s not a lifestyle vaccine, everyone should get those vaccines

Cost wise there is no comparison with the economic destruction, inflation and loss of freedom that forced lock downs and the Covid policies that Fauci, CDC visa via the Biden administration implemented.

It is almost comical to watch the desperation in your posts escalate as poll data comes in.

Yes this is what corporations get for tolerating the gigantic fist the government shoved up their ass by requiring them to pay for their employees’ health care.

WHO FUCKING GIVES A SHIT IF PEOPLE CONTRACT THE VIRUS. They can pick their own poison and deal with the consequences.

(Jesus, what a concept. I wonder if we might try it in this supposedly free country some time.)

All of which would have been worse without those policies. We’re approaching a million deaths. Without vaccines and other preventive measures, it would likely have been double that or more.

Yet we have never accurately determined the deaths of those that died with covid vs of covid.

As a sample of just how messed up it was/is:

CDC Says It Overestimated Omicron Spread By More Than 200%

There is no way to determine that. But I get it its up to me to prove a negative.

We could have it handled it much different. Early on we identified those most vulnerable and instead of protecting those we lumped everybody in and here we are today. Coupled with the left’s energy policy we are living a nightmare.

There’s no way to know if you’ll hit a car if you throw rocks from an overpass, but the likelihood is high.

The problem with just isolating the vulnerable is that they comprise around 30% of the population. And we didn’t know the vaccines would turn out to be as good as they did.

Of course we will never agree. But the results speak for themselves. The elitists in gov and academia that function off the productivity of others or printed money will suffer little, the rest who must function in the private sector and by their own productivity are paying the price.