Apartment hunting

My kid took a job in Madison Wisconsin and we went up with him a couple weeks ago to apartment hunt. I learned a lot about how weasley some complexes can be. He rented from the first place we looked at, it was built in 2021 and is pretty nice. The rental lady was helpful and told us what other complexes sucked and what to watch out for. Some had $350 a month in fees that were on top of the rent. Some specialized in renting to people with crap credit or lower income and were pretty run down. Some had an amenity fee, some you had to pay all utilities including water, sewer and garbage pick up. One had a $25 a week fee to pick up your garage from your front door and bring it to the dumpster.

The place my kid rented has no fees, no deposit, includes super fast Internet and he only pays for gas, electric and cable TV if he wants.

I don’t see this as a bad thing. The tenants either pay for this directly themselves or indirectly through the rent. If the tenant pays himself, the cost reflects what the tenant is using.

They’re the same price and quality as similar apartments in other complexes without the extra monthly cost.

As long as you know up front, I agree. It’s one or the other.

The other stuff makes it sound like property rentals have become like the vacation industry.

Lol… I asked one rental agent what the amenity fee covers and she said the pool, clubhouse and fitness room. I asked if he didn’t use those things would he still have to pay the fee, she said yes.

In that case, I would of course go with the one with those included in the rent. I am just saying that not including those in the rent is not a weasly practice.

True, but in this area those are usually always included in the monthly rent and the tenant is responsible for gas, electric, internet and cable TV.

Some of the places we looked at had a lower monthly rent but a lot of extra fees and utility costs. It was explained to me that it would help people with a lower income fall into the less than 30% of gross income range that a lot of places are looking at to rent to someone. Those were the older and more rundown buildings.

Yeah, that’s basically how vacation rentals work. The purpose is to disguise the actual price.

Those garages are heavy.

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Especially the 2 car garages. :smiley:

They also have a fee to pick up the trash.

(I’ve been using speech to text and it’s not always accurate, must be the Chicago accent.)

For a complex with 150 units and charges $25 a week, that’s $15,000 a month. They probably have two guys in a pickup truck every other day spending an hour or two doing it. Easy money.

They probably have a good union. :rofl:

Probably make $15 an hour, it’s basic maintenance work and not skilled labor.

The place my kid rented has 24-hour maintenance plus they’ll do additional work for a small fee. The rental agent said they’ll hang a flat screen TV for $50.

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