Anyone planning summer vacation yet?

Something other than 24/7 politics around here. Anyone planning 2022 vacations yet?

Wife and I were talking about going back to the Florida beach. She wants to take her mom and her sister and her boyfriend. Fuck! I’d rather stay home.

Ours for 2022 has been planned for a couple of years, Covid-permitting. The kid’s school has a trip to Spain planned and I’m going too. I’ve never been outside North America (Canada and Mexico only), so it will be my biggest trip ever.

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Planning on carrying the grandkids to Alaska, Motorhome for a week. Getting to the age it my be my last trip up there.

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Ive got nothing big planned. My kids are adults now and busy as hell and haven’t gone into it with my gf. Of course a big trip wouldn’t be over the summer, a benefit of being an old guy. I can travel when weather is nice and crowds are low,

Next big trip is to northern Italy over Christmas with my daughter. It should happen unless Covid gets nutty again.

I have always wanted to play golf in Scotland.
Now that my wife is taking it seriously I would like to go there in 2023

Well, you can go to Trump’s course, if he still has it by 2023.

I would do that just to tick her off . But I think that is too hard of a course

This sounds like my ideal trip. Enjoy!

We’re doing another road trip, this time to Knoxville, the Smokies, No Carolina to try to answer a couple of genealogical questions, maybe seeing a friend we haven’t seen in forever who lives in north GA, visiting the Corvette museum in Bowling Green KY and visiting relatives in KY and TN. Likely make a couple of other stops. The trip this year was 3,400 miles, and I think 2022 may be longer.

Cruise baby. Going to develop some new strains of covid and bring them back on shore.

If you overnight in KC, let me know. I’d be happy to treat you and your wife to dinner.

Thanks for the offer. If we get up that way, I’ll be in touch.

I’ll start planning the details early next year. When my parents were alive, it was always a straight shot east on I-40 to Memphis and turn left, but our trips are bit more leisurely now.

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