Anyone here into crypto?

I am just curious. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The small grocery store now has a Bitcoin ATM.


The only place I have seen that openly states they take Bitcoin is a local Sushi restaurant.

I’ve got some, purchased years ago. A good chunk of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, & Bitcoin Cash. Just pinches of dozens of others (typically $50 worth of purchase 5 years ago).

I have been totally passive with it for several years. Prices swing up, cool. Down, whatever. It tends to swing big. Effects are always temporary. The long term trajectory has been clearly very very upwards.

Too bad for Nassim Taleb & the other douchebags constantly naysaying crypto. There he was dancing on Bitcoin’s grave at a price of $33,000 ish, and then it jumped up $10,000 in the past couple of months.

My average buy price is about $6,000, so I’m plenty happy.

I remember when the Btc price collapsed from $19.9K to $3K in the span of about 6 months in 2018. People were sure it was finished. Today’s price is a 1366% increase over that low, less than 4 yrs later.

My local car was has a crypto ATM. I haven’t checked into it but assume there are high fees.

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