Anybody heard of ‘toxic positivity’?

Personally, I don’t understand someone saying that to a person who’s lost a loved one. So I vote yes.

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I don’t see any part of that statement that could be considered positive, it’s just inconsiderate.


That is an interesting example.

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Yep gave me a chuckle too. Toxic negativity yes. Toxic positivity, cry me a river

True and I’m grateful for that

Definitely I think some people like to hear themselves talk and really can’t think of something consoling to say.

Hugs I bet it’s so hard. Always nice to have you

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Possibly, particularly if you’re not religious and especially if they know that.

People don’t know what to say when someone’s loved one dies. Most of the time, they’re trying to be helpful or comforting, but it often doesn’t come across well.


The best is when people think that a persons situation has to do with their sins or choices or their families sins. Life is a lot more complex

Yes, a friend of mine lost his daughter in a car accident and people told him, at her funeral, that it must be because of some sin he committed.

Ever seen a melee at a funeral? If one of my boys heard somebody say that at my kid’s funeral, that guy and everybody he showed up with is getting smacked.

Yep. Live everyday like it’s your last and someday you’ll be right.

A good friend of my committed suicide. That’s a no no in the Catholic church. When his tearful widow asked the priest if he would get into heaven, the reply was “we don’t know”. I’d suggest that he tell a little white lie to help her move on and then go confess his “sin” to the other priest. Besides, I kind of think that God understood the devastation that he was feeling and will comfort him personally. But that’s just me.

That would get your ass kicked among most people I know.

you know, it’s too bad he spent all that money to ‘investing’ prior to their revenue growth. By ‘investing’ is he talking about the billion dollar stock buyback, that is NOT investing it he company at all. I mean, a stock buyback like that would come out to $1.7 million per laid off employee. But once you buy back stock you can’t do shit when you really NEED the money.,

Sure you can, you right size the staff.

BTW you do know a company is in business to make money, right?

You know the shitshow that Southwest airlines had over Christmas? It was due in large part to a scheduling system that was outdated. I am friends with a gal that just retired from them after 40 years. There was a letter from a pilot on Facebook. I sent it to her and asked her opinon. She said it was spot on…they tried telling management for years that this was going to bite them bad one day. And finally it did.

Well, unfortunately Southwest changed. When they were profitable for 50 straight years (that is called making money I believe) the CEO put employees first, customers second and shareholders last. His theory was that happy employees provide exceptional service and customers getting exceptional service would return…making the shareholders happy.

Then Herb retired. And a “bean counter” took over. And his first orders of business were to focus on shareholder value. Nevermind that for 50 straight years, shareholders made money. A chunk of profits was put in the employee profit sharing (that means the company made money) accounts, But the new guy felt that they might have been too good to employees (several retired millionaires because of profit sharing) and need to focus more on shareholder value. One thing that is good for shareholder value is a stock buyback. And over the years, Southwest bought back $6 billion in stock. Prior to Herb resigning, they didn’t buy back stock . They invested in the airline. They invested in employees. Six billion would replace a LOT of IT systems…but once the stock is bought back, there is nothing to put into the company (or the profit sharing plan) because you can’t get that money back. And the system that wasn’t updated because it went against the philosophy of providing maximum shareholder value. And the result is that Southwest may face their first loss… They used to be great, but the focus on shareholder value will REALLY cost them now.

In keeping with the airlines - Gordon Bethune, former CEO of Continental, who turned them around from worst to first, had a pizza analogy he liked to use. YOU can cut some things from a pizza and save money. But if you cut too much, you haven’t got a pizza anymore. Same kind of thing…stop spending money on the airline and cater to the shareholder, and you might not have an airline anymore. It would not surprise me if Southwest had to file bankruptcy…after focusing on shareholder value. My friend is kind of sad. She knew what Southwest was, and what it’s become

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