Anybody follow NASCAR?

For the first time in 60 years NASCAR has taken a win away by DQ.

And there is no appeal, so they know they effed up.

I am wondering what exactly was done, but it has to be major.
I can’t really tell by reading any articles on it.

I thought teams have been disqualified in the past over restricted plates or something.

NASCAR’s coming to downtown Chicago next year, should be interesting.

Not the winner, and not at the top level, only on the lower leveles

Not into CRASHCAR but I do follow IndyCar. Most violations have to do with wing, body panel configurations and adjustments for an aerodynamic advantage. It could have been something as simple as the car sat too close to the ground or the weight of a particular part was too light.

Both series implement a lot of technical engine and chassis rules to standardize equipment hoping it will increase competition.

Oh for the days of… “run what ya brung”.

If you aint cheatin’, you aint trying hard enough.

When I was a kid we used to go to a race track in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, I liked it because it was a bunch of hill rods building up their own car with very little money. Lots of fun, I think they built a subdivision there a couple years ago.

From your article, this statement from Gibbs Racing:
“In our review of the post-race infractions on the 11 and 18 cars at Pocono it was discovered that a single piece of clear tape was positioned over each of the lower corners of the front fascia ahead of the left-front and right-front wheel openings on both those cars. The added pieces were 2 inches wide and 5 ½ inches long with a thickness of 0.012 inches and installed under the wrap. This change in our build process was not properly vetted within our organization and we recognize it is against NASCAR‘s rules. We apologize to everyone for this mistake, and we have made changes to our processes to ensure that it does not happen again.”

Thanks, I must have missed that or it was updated.

Pocono NASCAR Cup Series winner Denny Hamlin and second-place finisher Kyle Busch were disqualified Sunday after their cars failed post-race inspections.

“There was some issues discovered that affect aero in the vehicle,” said Brad Moran, managing director of the NASCAR Cup Series, widely considered the top auto race league. “There really was no reason why there was some material that was somewhere it shouldn’t have been. And that does basically come down to a DQ.”

Used to be a big fan, not much anymore. They tried to regulate everything to the extreme. Made it kind of boring. Still the teams with the most money tend to have the best results.

Slightly off topic.
But I remember Chad Knaus (Jimmy Johnson’s crew chief) installing shocks upside down to help the aero.
It was not illegal when he did it, but they made it illegal the next week.

If you have ever been a nascar fan, or any type racing fan, it’s worth the money to buy the Smoky Yunick’s 3 book set of his autobiography. I assume it’s still available to purchase.