Anybody else

I went the entire time without a Covid test.
Part of this is because I was vaccinated early.
I just had surgery Wednesday an due to being vaxxed I did not need to be tested.

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Congrats. You actually found a place with commonsense. Hope your surgery goes/went well

Six Dems from Texas were vaxxed and just tested positive, I’m not sure if they had symptoms or not. My kids been vaccinated so he won’t have to do the twice weekly testing when he’s back at college.

How was your surgery, you good?

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Had a couple of cysts removed from my hand.
Swelling, but no big deal.



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I actually got my first test less than an hour ago, never had much reason before. I was fully vaccinated in March, but we’re headed out of town soon and I had cold-like symptoms, so just got one to be safe. If I do turn out to be positive, it will likely fuck up our trip.

It’s self-swab now, and a much shorter swab, like a normal sized Q-tip.

I got tested twice, both required for travel. Got the shots in March and never experienced Covid symptoms before or since.