Any gardeners here?

My wife planted a pineapple tomato and it is really good, it grew nice and tastes great.


Guess there are no other Gardeners here. Been doing it since the late 1960’s, when my father introduced me into it.

Used to like growing tomatoes in Mass. Here in the South[NC], difficult to grow tomatoes here. High temperatures and diseases are a major problem here for tomatoes.

Don’t grow any vegetables, just flowers and trees and shrubs. Here is a picture of a plant called Thailand Giant elephant ears. Leaves are almost 3 feet long. They can get to be almost 5 feet in length if you know what you are doing.

Those look cool, kind of tropical.

Wife is a bookkeeper at a nursery. She has heard of those but never seen one. They have never had calls for them, said she will mention planting some of those next spring. The tomatoes, they sell elephant ears normally.

Neither have we, my wife got a free plant from a local garden center. We’ll definitely plant them again. We tried a Purple Cherokee tomato last year and planted them again this year, another good one.

I have such a brown thumb I could kill a plastic plant.

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