Any bets on whether Tampa Bay wants Antonio Brown back now?

Update: CBS just reported that Bruce Arians says Antonio Brown is no longer a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Both Arians and Tom Brady got exactly what they deserved for taking in this guy.

Bruce Arians has already tweeted that AB is no longer a Buc.

And more about what a bonehead this guy is:

Lol! What a maroon!

Quite true. Arians and Brady are only the latest enablers.

This is on Brady, he took responsibility for AB. I think he lived with Brady for a few weeks when moving to Tampa.

And Brady is still covering for him.

Including a SB win?

Yes, they got that. Now the bills are coming due.

Unfortunately, in this league, they’ll likely take the wrong lesson from it.

This column from last week was somewhat prescient:

I lost Godwin in my fantasy league, picked up AB, and I think he just cost me a championship.

So, you had no morals clause for your team either. Did you learn anything?

How’s his behavior different from Simone Biles?

Lol! Good point.

Biles stepped away when participating would have put her at physical risk. Look up the twisties.

Thanks good to know.

Did you really ask this question??

I thought both stormed off but maybe I misinterpreted Simone. They both let their team down

That said it sounds like Simone’s mental health could leave her in physical jeopardy where AB was solely about drawing attention to himself

Biles didn’t storm anywhere. She stepped aside because of the twisties, a condition you could describe as mental, but is just as much physical. She’d have put herself in serious jeopardy if she had tried to vault with that going on, and she probably wouldn’t have helped her team.