Another reason not to go to California

They are losing bacon!!!

I am going to start a black market pork smuggling ring!!

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Bootlegged baby backs!

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If you are ever in Boise, you need to go here. A great breakfast and/or lunch.

I didn’t need any more reasons not to go to California. No bacon is just torture. I had bacon for breakfast on Saturday. I had bacon wrapped pork loin on Saturday for dinner. I had bacon cheese burgers on Sunday for dinner. Bacon needs its own food group.

I am a big fan on the aldi apple smoked bacon. It’s thick cut and delicious.

I an going to need to try these.

Friend of mine made a bacon wrapped pâté the other day. Absolutely delish

Holy hyperbolic headlines! No, we’re not losing bacon. There would be riots. Plenty to go around.

The big agribusiness interests don’t like any kind of regulation. They made claims like this a few years ago when regs were imposed by voters on chicken farming.

I guess everyone is going to have to convince themselves that turkey bacon is as good as real bacon :grinning:

I’m not good at self deception, but I don’t think anyone is that good at it. Not the same.

It is not, but lamb bacon is really good

I’ve never tried lamb bacon but I love lamb so I would probably like it.

The first prereq there is turkey bacon that doesn’t taste & chew like a strip of rubber.

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I had a Jewish friend that didn’t always eat Kosher but his Father in Law did. We were taking about a local butcher shop here and he told me to try it.

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Where does one find lamb bacon, Clarise?

You can literally see them butchering at this place.
I ordered Braunschweiger (pig liverwurst) from them but they had to throw a batch out because it didn’t turn out to their liking so they told me to come back in a few days. This place is amazing.

If I’m ever in KC, I’ll likely be asking you guys about the best bbq place, not for a butcher.

You will get 50 different answers.
My opinion is Arthur Bryant’s

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