Another guy that can STFU

Somebody tell Andy Slavitt to shut the fuck up.

Who didn’t sacrifice? Shit. I spent the last year basically at home.

He can’t admit that the overbearing, authoritarian measures didn’t work, so he has to say that they weren’t overbearing and authoritarian enough.
Instead of looking at the data and realizing that minimal, targeted measures were easier to implement and significantly more successful.

Much like the war on poverty, no? A complete failure, yet the standard leftist excuse is we didn’t spend enough.

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If you listen to the mainstream media Covid only effected people of color and the poor.

Oh, not only, but “disproportionately.”

That way, any data or examples you provide contrary to their narrative are immediately dismissed.

Just fill in the blanks, and you can start or end virtually any mainstream news story:

"[X unfortunate occurrence, or legislation] disproportionately hurt [the poor, minorities, women, or all the above.]