Android users

If you’re an android user there are some great deals on the Google Pixel 7a right now. You can get one free on Verizon or for $2 a month at AT&T. It has good reviews and you can’t beat the price at $2 a month.

I just picked up a S22 plus for $500 on woot. I’ve always been a Samsung guy and love the new phone. GF loves the google universe and has been a fan of Pixel since the beginning, currently has the 7 Pro.

I’ve been using the Pixel 7a for a few days now and it’s a huge improvement over my $250 2020 Motorola phone. It’s very fast and responsive. Pretty good deal for $2 a month for 3 years.

I currently have a Pixel 6a and love it.

Is it worth the upgrade ?

If you’re about ready for a new phone I’d say yes. I watched some reviews and the geeks seem to think it’s a good deal at $499 with the upgrades in performance.

It’s free with Verizon and $2 a month for 3 years with AT&T. I got it because my old phone is 3 years old and the battery is losing some range. I figured for $72 over 3 years I’m not going to get a better deal for a decent phone. AT&T also has the Pixel 7 for $5 or $10 a month depending on the memory.

I don’t like to upgrade until there’s a problem with my phone. I try to make mine last 4 years or so.

Advantages to Pixel vs. Galaxy?

That’s what I do, upgraded from S10 to S22+ because of battery life and my phone was slowing down. This time I went to 256gb for even more longevity.

My girlfriend swears by pixel, Samsung adds bloatware to their phones. Essentially is the same phone, pixel gets updates first since google makes the software.

I have S21 or S22 as well. Thought about switching to an iPhone. I always avoided them because they’re so expensive, but Galaxies are getting pricey too. I used to get a generation or two back, but the stores don’t carry older ones anymore.

I am a purist when it comes to technology, which is why I don’t like Apple. I will take the vanilla Pixel without all the extra software layered by Samsung and other manufacturers. I have owned Google phones all the way back to the Nexus S.

I’m not really into phones. My guess is a more expensive Galaxy would be better than a $500 Pixel, I buy more on the price then the features.
But so far this phone is way better than my $250 Motorola.

Apple makes a good product but once you go with them you’re kind of stuck with them and there really aren’t any inexpensive alternatives. You can buy a new $100 Android phone that works or a $1,200 phone with all the bells and whistles.

I used to get phones in the $200 range by going a couple of generations back. But they don’t stock those anymore, so I’d have to probably buy one online and get it activated. Shouldn’t be hard, but I’ve never done it.

I got my S22+ a month ago, $500 on woot and its new. 4400mah battery and 256gb memory so i hope it stay relevamt for 5 years or so.

You’re a wooter??
That is my favorite site, I check it first thing every morning

Have you got onto Meh yet?

I do less wooting since Amazon took over. Found the phone deal on slickdeals. is actually more like the original woot.
After they sold to Amazon, the founder of woot started meh. I think he had to wait until a non compete clause ended.

I’ll check it out.

Slickdeals is the bomb…I bought all of my home theatre equipment from their deals… look legit, very much like the old woot.

Figured if you were a wooter from the original days you wills like it.