And the Walls Keep Tumbling Down

The Fat Lady is warming up.

Oh no, now what will Pscott spend 20 hours a day whining about?

Certainly not Hunter Biden, who might owe some income taxes. Much bigger fish to fry. The investigations into the conman former president are so very far from over.

Are you referring to “the Big Guy”?

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Very Nazi Of you. We will keep looking until we find something, we don’t care if it’s real

The fact that we haven’t found any proof simply means we haven’t looked enough yet.

Dig far enough on anyone you’ll find a crime.

We keep looking, because there’s so much smoke, it’s impossible that there’s not a conflagration to be found.
Good though to see you using Putin’s tag line “Nazi”, like a good little comrade, in an attempt to divert attention away from the real problem, which is the systemic corruption and idiocracy within the Republican party.
There truly is hardly a day that goes by, without some new shocking revelation about the depth and breadth of of the Republican party’s deevolution. It’s amazing to see that there’s still people out there, pretending not to see it.

After all the effort they found shit.

That’s correct. They’ve found a lot of nasty shit. And people will be going to prison because of it, just like we saw with the Russia investigation. You seem to forget that there are many investigations underway regarding the Trump crime syndicate.

It’s odd how you hate to see the justice system doing its job, when Republican criminals are involved, but you’ve already convicted Joe and Hunter Biden, neither of whom having been charged with so much as littering. Where’s the crying about witch hunts and Nazis, for the Biden’s?

That’s the difference between us. I want all lawbreakers to face justice, regardless of their political persuasion. And you’ve got oversized blinders on, when it comes to right wing conmen.

Huh? The DA is dropping the investigation.

Nobody went to prison directly over the Russian investigation.

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