Analysis: Trump's downplaying of Covid-19 puts Facebook and Twitter in his crosshairs

President Trump's bout with coronavirus, and his continued and frequently dishonest downplaying of it, isn't just a problem for his re-election campaign. It's also putting Big Tech in an uncomfortable position, on a collision course with the President over what they've portrayed as strict rules regarding misinformation about the virus.

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But nobody knows more about Covid than Donald Trump. Just ask him.

Trump says he cured himself from Covid in 3 days. Either he never had it or the steroids are making him think he’s healed.

Question… don’t steroids make you aggressive and not think properly? Should he have turned the presidency over to Pence while on steroids?

LOl… these are corticosteroids. You’re thinking testosterone steroids with 'Roid Rage". Cortico means cortisol. It is used to treat inflammation. Vitamin D is a steroid but it is secosteroid.

Vitamin D will not bulk you up or cause you to have roid rage.

Well I just learned something I didn’t know. :blush: