An accomplishment by one of my friends

Here in KC they had a “parade of hearts”…artwork that was spread around town. There were 156 hearts in total…Art rode his bike about 950 miles since March 26 to get pictures of all of them. He’s an inspiration.

I think there was one more - this was at the World War 1 Musuem. A clever tribute to Ukraine


A suburban mom in a nearby subdivision drove her daughter to all of them over spring break.
The ladies at the gym made fun of her.
Riding a bike to all of them is impressive!

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He lives in the northland but bikes all over town. He did one ride frm NKC to LIberty to Kearny to get a couple of hearts. Last week he met some others in Bonner Springs and rode to Lawrence to get the last picture. That was 60 miles. He only met in Bonner Springs because to ride from his home would have added another 50 miles. FWIW - this guy is 75 years old.

Congrats; that’s a great way to live!

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