America's Governor leading the way again

Follow the science and data.

So, the argument that we don’t want government mandates, but businesses should be allowed to do what they want was complete bullshit.

I don’t like it when government tries to tell businesses what to do. In Georgia we have open carry and some businesses have a sign saying ‘no weapons allowed’. Maybe the next great ideas out of republicans here would be to forbid companies from making that decision.

Republicans are anti-mask and anti-vax, any leader that exhibits those principles becomes a hero instantly.


If Fauci told you to suck a big D would you?

Nevermind, we know the answer.


This isn’t about me, this thread is about republicans and DeSantis. You’d chug all kinds of DeSantis cock if he’d let you. I mean fuck, you guys are calling him America’s Governor now.

Did you read the link?

“Private companies can continue to require people to wear masks but governments cannot mandate it, under the law.”

Did you read the link?

"If we have widespread vaccinations that are over 99% effective, what’s the evidence basis for somebody to wear a mask now?”

Not “you guys”, just me, don’t give anybody else credit for that!!!

There wasn’t any scientific basis beforehand.

I was just responding to BMW’s absurd remark that Republicans are “anti-vax”.

But they cannot require vaccination.

If a business wants proof of a Covid vaccination, why should government bar them from asking? I personally think that business would suffer but I don’t think the government set conditions for how they do business.

Because Fauci told lefties they have to and they’re willing to do anything he says…and I do mean anything. :face_vomiting:

Nor should they be allowed to .


HIPPA is irrelevant. It doesn’t apply to a private business that wants to establish safety requirements. Colleges have vaccine requirements. Nearly all public schools do. Some workplaces do. This is hardly new.

That is probably the most coherent reason to ban a vaccine passport but mcarleys retort is a good one too. But let’s keep it real here, do you think America’s Mayor thought long and hard about Hippa? It’s an appeal to the base with an eye towards 2024, nothing more or less.

Considering Trump had the vaccine created. I don’t understand who republicans are anti vaccine.

It wasn’t our vice President talking poorly about it.

The people I know that are not getting vaccinated have good reasons. Their politics didn’t play into it.

That said I know very few people refusing the vaccine.