Airlines ban cloth mask

Major Airlines Are Now Banning This One Type of Mask (

Why? Because they’re not effective. Shocking I tell you

More junk to buy & then discard into the ocean.

I’m sure the left will be protesting this directly, due to their oh-so-genuine and consistent ecological concerns.

Holy misleading threads. The cloth masks were, according to the article, 37% effective. The airlines require better masks. This doesn’t mean cloth masks don’t do anything.

“While cloth masks clearly reduce symptoms, we cannot reject that they have zero or only a small impact on symptomatic COVID infections,” the authors wrote. “Surgical masks have higher filtration efficiency, are cheaper, are consistently worn, and are better supported by our evidence as tools to reduce COVID-19.”

:laughing:More $$$ for the airlines. If they were “really” concerned, everyone would have to buy a $25 N95 mask. Of course they have to be fitted to work

I chose $25 because that’s what the baggage fees are

N95 don’t require special fitting. You just put it on tightly. They’re disposable.

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Thanks. I was mistaken

There are N95 mask that are not disposable but that isn’t what most medical facilities use.

Even those you just do a seal check. It isn’t anything specialized.