Accidentally admit it

The IPCC accidentally admitted that the fight against “Climate Change” isn’t about the climate, but about the economy.

Exactly, if people really are concerned about climate change they’d do something about it. Lefties are more concerned about redistributing wealth, equality and social justice than they are about the climate, they are just using it to get what they want.

So, they wanted to change the economic order, so they brought together the world’s leading climate scientists to do it?

If they wanted to change the climate, they would start by practicing what they preach. Stop using all fossil fuels. No gasoline, no diesel, no electricity from carbon sources, no jet fuel, no eating meat…

Is this really so difficult for you to grasp? The climate narrative is a racket. A way for the nobles to pull the wool down over the plebs’ eyes and ultimately transfer more wealth and power to themselves.

I fully grasp that you’ve donned your tinfoil hat because reality is inconvenient.

Wrong. You’re one of these dumbass & naive citizens completely unaware how tyranny works.

You can find tens of thousands of articles about how the left wants to use climate change to redistribute wealth.