A problem with Facebook

I would think that if a person got divorced they would want to move on without constantly knowing about what their ex is doing… Yet so many people I know remain Facebook friends after they get divorced and see posts about their ex’s new spouse, etc.

Since my husband is the only person I ever married, I have no experience with this but I think it would be hard to move on when you are constantly seeing posts on Facebook about what your ex spouse is doing.

I would not call that a problem with Facebook. Nobody forces anybody to stay Facebook friends with their ex. If they do choose to do and then have trouble moving on that is on them.

That’s up to the couple. Some are able to divorce amicably and remain friends. Some might remain FB friends to easily stay in touch for kids or whatever.

IT is possible to be divorced and still be amicable. My ex still considers me to be her best friend. The fact that we have a daughter and share a grandson means that we can keep up on events in HIS life. Now…I don’t post about who I am dating, nor does she. Been that way for 15 years.

I am actually not a FB friend with my ex wife, but my current wife is.

Uh oh.

It actually is the reason for a lot of laughs in our house.

After I got divorced my ex told me to tell my brother congratulations on a life event, I asked her how she knew that and said she saw it on Facebook. I ripped into him, told him to pick me or her but he couldn’t be friends with both.

It was still fresh and I was bitter, now I couldn’t give a shit.

I agree. I know a lot of people not on Facebook, including my wife.

The other day I saw a post on Facebook from someone who is divorced and has three children from that marriage saying that he has finally found his true soul mate. That was what inspired me to start this thread.

Ha! He just hasn’t seen the batshit crazy yet.

10 years removed I realize marrying my ex-wife was the best thing that ever happened to me. She gave me two amazing kids and theyre literally the only thing that matters.

Wonder if he thought of his ex when he made that post.

By saying that he finally met his true soul mate, he was implying that his ex wife wasn’t. it is one thing for people to say things like that in private, but it is quite different to post it on Facebook where his ex wife and their mutual friends could see it.

I personally think that Facebook is a great way to share photos and life experiences, but people should try to refrain from posting things on Facebook that could be insulting or embarrassing to others.

Bob Ross would refer to it as a “happy little accident “

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