A Fond Memory of This Song

I was in middle school when this song was first released. I always liked how Charlie said that we’ll all stick together and you can take that to the bank.

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This came ok on my Spotify playlist about a month ago.
I felt the same way

I’m not a big CDB fan but always like Uneasy Rider.

And yet less than 2 years later, we weren’t. Patriotic fever send us straight to a needless war in Iraq. Then those who opposed a war in Iraq became terrorist supporters and America haters. And sadly, it’s only gotten worse from there.

You’re right, the anti-America idiots got worse, got more radical and divided the county. Good to see you finally admit it.

AS I said…you were a terrorist supporter and an America hater. Thanks for proving my point. Oh…I forgot…you were “on the fence” about the Iraq war…you wanted to support America but weren’t sure about the costs. A patriot who didn’t want to pay for the effort. But you didn’t want to pay for the costs by giving back your wartime tax cut, yet told someone who didn’t support the war in the first place that nothing was stopping me from sending extra money to the IRS. Kind of like people worried about all the debt these democrats are running up, but not willing to give back the stimulus checks the democrats sent you (that you didn’t need) with the excuse of “I pay taxes”.

Here is what you said in your first post here… “Patriotic fever send us straight to a needless war in Iraq. Then those who opposed a war in Iraq became terrorist supporters and America haters.”
I agree with you we were united UNTIL people like you divided us.

You’re nuts. I supported Bush and retaliation right up to the time he started telling us how Saddam Huessein was going to blow us off the face of the earth. Patriotism is great until it starts leading people to support the wrong thing (invading Ira1q). While you were “on the fence”, when arguing FOR the war (which you did), you didn’t hesitate to point out that Hillary Clinton voted for it. You didn’t hesitate to point out that John Kerry voted for it. But the whole time, I said it was wrong and the patriots called me a terrorist supporter and America hater. Only AFTER we realized what a shit show Iraq was did some people start seeing a little more clearly. I took a chance and took a stand…You were on the fence. That’s kind of like not voting…if you were on the fence, then you have no standing on whether it was right or wrong.

You forgot Biden, he voted for it too.

YOu don’t understand…I SAID that people were caught up in patriot fever. That includes people I might otherwise support. But to the point - IF Biden or Hillary or Kerry spoken out against the war…what would the conservative media have said about them? Back then I heard Hannity saying that people opposing the war would likely have opposed doing anything about the holocaust.

I do understand, then some people decided to not stick together, you know the subject of this thread and the CDB song. We were together until people liked chose not to be.

People like you proved Charlie wrong when he said “that we’ll all stick together and you can take that to the bank.”

When he said it, we could. But that doesn’t mean that we should follow our leaders when they are pushing for a war in a country that had no role in the attack on this country. And if opposing that means that I am ruining our togetherness…then I"m guilty as charged. But when people started opposing the war, then the patriots considered us traitors and enemy sympathizers. But you wouldn’t know about taking a stand. Fence sitting is great because you can never be wrong.,

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