A cooking joke 12345

Since this is the Humor and Cooking board…two cannibals are eating a clown, one guy says “does this taste funny?”


BTW for some reason the title of a topic needs 15 characters, that’s the reason I added 12345.

changed it to 5.

How refreshing, a mod that cares.


Download the app. It makes it much easier to use on a Mobile

what app?

Discourse app. I have iPhone but I assume they have android as well.

The website works well on a phone as well. It looks like there is a $1.99 charge in the app store. I rarely use my phone to post, but the website worked very easily for teh time I tried.

Are you iPhone or Android?

iPhone i downloaded discourse hub and it was free

OK gotcha. There was also one called discourse (without the hub). I’m posting this from my phone right now. It does look very easy to use but with my fat fingers in the way that speech to text doesn’t like my voice, I’ll still use the computer primarily. But it does appear very easy to navigate

I downloaded the app but can’t get logged in.

There are two apps…one is Discourse hub…that’s the one you want. The other is called Discourse - that one doesn’t work.

I get this screen, but it takes me nowhere

figured it out, I am not a boomer after all