A "chili" recipe that rocks

I have found a gal who has some pretty awesome recipes on YouTube. I tried this one today - chicken chili. It is maybe the best “chili” I’ve ever had. Not overwhelmingly spicy, but flavorful. Very easy to make as well. I will admit, I was drawn to her site because the thumbnail on youtube had her picture, and as you will see, she’s rather easy on the eyes.

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You need to visit NM, where you can get chili done right.

Sounds good KC, I’ll probably give it a try with a couple of modifications. Our favorite chili over the past few years is one with a pumpkin puree base, and using TVP as the meat substitute. It even calls for a small dose of pumpkin pie spice. We’ve had guests who really loved it, too, and even the carnivores couldn’t detect the absence of meat.

Avocado included? Very interesting. Looks tasty

My daughter doesn’t eat red meat so we have started making chicken chili and like it a lot. I will mark this recipe.

It’s not really spicy, but it’s very satisfying. I have acid reflux and tomato based chili’s always upset my stomach. This doesn’t bother me at all.

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