2022 vs. 2020

Is 2022 the year that liberals repeat the same things that conservatives said in 2020 but pretend it never happened?

  1. Lab leak theory
  2. Masks are “facial decorations”
  3. Kids need in person school.
  4. There is a difference between “with covid” and “for/of covid” when it comes to hospitalizations and deaths.
  5. The economy needs to stay open.
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I do have liberal friends changing their tune, specifically on in person school and admitting we need to live with Covid instead of legislating it away.

That’s the big discussion in Chicago now, teachers want to go back to remote learning and a growing number of parents want the kids back in school. Our district is in school and has remote learning for kids out with Covid or because the parents want it, from what I’ve heard most parents are choosing in class learning for their kids.

I am not sure it is “teachers”, but “teachers union” instead.

Good point. Maybe the parent’s and students need a union.

Even the unions are just pushing for safety protocols, not indefinite closures.

Overbearing safety protocols.

So what you are saying is they now agree with DJT?

The parking lot at my office building thinning every day. As I parked and walked in today it was rivaling April 2020 all over again. The parking lot is down to about 50% of what it was just before Christmas. I think the only reason there are a few more cars in the lot compared to April 2020 is because it is the year end accounting close and most companied must get their books and records wrapped to prepare for the earnings releases and audits.

Many of the office buildings downtown are the same. Some were filled up 3 weeks ago and today the homeless have reclaimed the parking lots as their home.



We’re approaching 900,000 already. How many have to die?

The “lifesaving” protocols the unions are asking for wouldn’t have changed that.

But they won’t admit it.

They are literally still saying in one breath that Trump is responsible for all the deaths, and in the next breath saying that we shouldn’t have taken all the measures that were supposed to save lives.

The issue current issue is Omnicom. We all hope that everyone gets it and we move on with herd immunity. But so many offices and schools are closing to “flatten the curve” or to “slow the spread” that herd immunity from Omicron is a pipe dream. They spent 2 years with 24/7/365 FEAR that too many are going to do everything they can to avoid getting in and hear immunity will simply never happen. Cheers to another year of COVID happiness.

To be honest, I think many employees are using this fear to their advantage. We can’t return to the office, it is not safe!

How protected is a kid wearing a Hello Kitty mask made in China that’s hanging half off their face?

Hospitals are filling, even though Omicron is likely less serious. And, it won’t give everyone immunity because immunity wanes.