2021 Masters

Since Hideki Matsuyama won the Masters, can we say everyone that was in favor of cancelling it is guilty of anti-Asian hate crimes?

Lame joke, unless somebody had a crystal ball and knew in advance he would win. :grin:

The difference is, I know it is a joke, most of the people calling things “hate crimes” don’t know what they are saying is a joke.

Only the brainwashed woke don’t get the joke.

They should have just canceled The Masters since Tiger Woods wasn’t there. :grin:

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Speaking of whom, any predictions on whether Tiger will come back? It’s been hard to find any info in the tabloids (Google).

And back to topic, I was really impressed with Matsuyama’s sizzling bogey-free round on Saturday. He almost gave it back Sunday evening, but I was glad he held on. He earned it.

I haven’t followed closely, but from what I’ve heard of his injuries, I’d put his chances of coming back to the regular tour at <10%.

My favorite sporting event of the year is the Sunday Second Nine of the Masters.
Matsuyama really did almost pee down his leg, gave back 4 strokes on that 9.

Greg Norman will forever be remembered for his collapse in 1996.

For being such a force at the time of his prime, the only Major he won was the British, twice.

Edit to add: I think it was after that or when he lost the US Open to Corey Pavin he said he went to his boat and got drunk, and that is when he realized who his true friends were.

Poor guy. He was doing much better the past few years too.

And if that wasn’t enough, punctuated the whole affair with a bogey on 18 :joy:

But still, 10 under over 4 days at the Masters is a stunning achievement for any mortal, even if by far most of the stellar portions were in a single round.