193 days from order to delivery

I just picked up my ford maverick last night. Good thing I wasn’t urgently needing a vehicle. It took 193 days to finally get it in.

The dealer has more cars on the lot than they did a few months ago. Cars on lot were $3-20k above msrp. I’m hopeful the vehicle shortage is getting resolved soon but omnicron can screw up global supply chains and were right back to where we were.

Looks sharp

Glad you got what you needed.
How much over MSRP did you pay?
Was there any negotiation?

Did you consider one of the Toyota Trucks?
My kid has one and loves it?

I paid msrp plus the dealer doc fee (junk fee). I ordered it a long time ago and at the time msrp was the best deal around. On the Facebook pages she are buying at their msrp order price and selling to zoom or carfax for $5-10k above what they paid.

I technically got it at $2200 below msrp because ford gave me a free awd upgrade. I was in the early orders that they decided they would not make the configuration I and about 500 others ordered. To get the upgraded tow package they now require awd upgrade. So msrp on mine was about $29 and I got it for 26.5.

First new car I have ever paid msrp and I felt like I got a deal. For dealership inventory, most on the lot are $3-20k above msrp. Don’t get in an accident and need to replace your car. It’s going to be costly.

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